Understanding the specific marketing and admissions needs of each school is as important to us as understanding the specific needs of every student we connect to them.

Tribeca’s strategies are designed to provide highly-customized marketing solutions to best serve each institution.



We evaluate your school’s performance against industry standards and your own internal processes & benchmarks.


We provide insights as to where your school can improve channel-specific outcomes and increase Admissions effectiveness. We will help you to identify Quick-Wins and develop long-term strategies.


We execute Marketing and/or Admissions initiatives that will maximize your performance and increase your Return on Investment.

F.A.Q.'s About Our Approach

What is required for Tribeca to conduct an audit for our school?

For our preliminary audit, a conversation with you and a review of your currently properties and initiatives is all that is needed for us to get started. You’d be surprised what we can ascertain by reviewing and looking at the basics. A comprehensive audit that includes a detailed review of your Marketing channels including Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Facebook or other social media platforms requires access to all your marketing platforms and can be produced for a nominal fee.

What are Tribeca insights and what does it cost for an assessment?

Following a Tribeca audit, our insights describe what we actually think about what you are currently doing and where we see gaps in strategy or performance or opportunities for Quick Wins. Our insights are your roadmap to where we believe you should be heading next to get the most out of your marketing.

How does Tribeca customize its approach for each school?

Tribeca develops a marketing plan to attract students, not just any students, your students. This is done through a discovery conversation to gain a sense of your current institution’s size and structure, its needs and growth vision. Once we have an understanding of this, we are then able to develop an approach that maximizes your budget for the biggest impact utilizing our knowledge of higher education recruitment trends and expertise in integrated marketing strategies.

I already work with a Marketing Agency. How can Tribeca help me?

Tribeca's relationships with clients take many forms. If you are not using Tribeca as your full Agency of Record (even though you should), Tribeca can work as a Strategic Partner to you or to your Agency. Tribeca can serve as a Lead Agency, overseeing all other Agencies to ensure your marketing is executed in an integrated and cohesive way. Tribeca can execute specific parts of your marketing plan alongside your other Agencies. Tribeca can also provide you with insights and a set of “fresh eyes” so that you know you are getting the best strategies and outcomes out of your marketing investment.