7 Ways Social Media Can Impact Your SEO

7 Ways Social Media Can Impact Your SEO

Infographic Social Media & SEO

How can Social Media impact your SEO?

7 ways social media can impact your SEO

  1. Brand Awareness: People Search in Google for branded keywords When users are familiar with your brand via social media, they are more likely to search for your domain name.
    Tip: Create unique, attractive, and interactive pieces of content.
  2. Link Potential: Share and Engagement
    1. Post on your blog
    2. Gets re-twitted/goes viral
    3. Blogger mentions it and adds a link back to your website
    Tip: Track mentions of your branded keyword with tools like BuzzSumo and Mention. You could ask for a link instead of a citation.
  3. Personalized Results Google takes into account Google+.  If you’ve post an article in Google+ and a user connected to you searches for the same topic, your post will be given prominence your visibility increases in a very targeted way.
    Tip: Build an audience on Google+. Google+ posts rank in Google search results, so make sure you  use keywords in your posts
  4. Domain Ranking: The more you share, the higher you’ll rank Social media, increases your website traffic. Each shared piece of content contributes to your domain, taken into account by search engines, they’ll boost your domain in organic results.
  5. Social Media Sites: Social Media pages rank in the top 10 for your branded keywords Tip: Optimize your social media pages and profiles. Pay attention to your “about” pages and bios.
  6. Relevant Keywords: Your Social Posts will rank for keywords you include Tip: Make a list of your targeted keywords with SEO/SEM specialists and use these keywords in your post
  7. Faster Index Search engine crawlers use links to discover new or updated content. So the more links that lead to your website’s page, the quicker search engines will index it.
    Tip: Put social sharing buttons on every page of your website, make them visible, and encourage people to share your content.

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