In the ever-growing realm of organizational leadership books, there is one that truly offers a simple yet important mantra for effective leadership and organizational strategies. In his book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek teaches the value of inspiring leadership by instilling a culture of defining “Why” an organization does what it does. In defining this process, Sinek is very clear that revenue is not a valid answer for why a company or institution pursues its mission, but instead, revenue is a result of their efforts.
Understanding that revenue is a result of your operational execution, why has your institution chosen to provide education and training in the programs of study that you offer? The answer to this question is usually a good foundation for your brand; as long as you are truly living up to it.
One of the Why’s in Higher Education should be: To provide comprehensive training and educational programs to qualified students in a manner compliant with all federal and accrediting rules and standards. When acting as responsible trustees of federal funds and exercising due diligence in setting and monitoring quality benchmarks, a solid foundation for brand building is set.
Likewise, an essential Why for career-focused training institutions should be: Ensuring that significant resources are employed to ensure optimal levels of student retention and graduate placement rates. Since your consumers (students) have presumably engaged your school to receive training, graduate and then join the workforce in their field of study, this Why is in direct alignment with the expectations of the students that you seek to enroll. There is no better branding than one that represents a service promise consistent with the needs of the prospective consumer. The key is to deliver on that promise.
A brand is so much more than a tag line or a logo. With the significant investment associated with pursuing higher education and career training, the most committed providers will ensure that their marketing position is supported by a verifiable track record of compliant operations and student outcomes that meet or exceed metric benchmarks set by regulatory agencies. A “fluff” branding strategy that focuses solely on “treating you like family” or “we care” messaging may make for a feel-good sound bite, but does not represent a committed, institutional promise of any real substance for the consumer.
With a team of former Higher Education administrators and school owners, Tribeca Marketing Group is unique in our ability to formulate brand strategies that resonate with prospective students, but also reflect a promise consistent with the realities of what your institution delivers. Basing your brand strategy on the solid foundation of Compliance and Outcomes requires marketing support that is supplemented by operational support in the form of resources to enhance institutional compliance and facilitate positive student outcomes.
Build a better brand by focusing on what truly matters. Establishing your institution as the right school with the right values is the first step in establishing a brand strategy that will generate the right student interest.
The Best Branding Strategy for Higher Education: Compliance and Outcomes (Revenue, Branding, Strategy)
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