“I Don’t Know If We Can Help You” By : Richard McCulloch

“I Don’t Know If We Can Help You”

I think we can agree that this is not the typical opening statement for a Marketing agency, but it is at least honest.
Having transitioned from over twenty years as a Higher Education administrator to a Higher Education Marketing specialist, I have had the unique experience of evaluating Marketing services from both the client and provider perspectives. As a client, I was always approached by agencies and vendors that insisted that their solutions would yield better results for me and my campus before even knowing what our actual results were. They always seemed to have the “next best thing” which they often touted to be the panacea for low performing websites, anemic paid search inquiry generation or a low engagement social media presence.
Positioning themselves as the ultimate solution for our Marketing and Admissions challenges seemed a little presumptuous without the benefit of knowing our actual inquiry volume by channel, start goals, conversion rates, referral performance or growth forecasts. Logic dictated that the “pitch” that I received was based on a generic formula that every one of their targeted schools would be hearing. It was very hard to believe that an agency could provide a custom solution for my campus without taking the time to investigate our unique opportunities and challenges.
Part of my role as the VP of Marketing and Admissions Consulting for Tribeca, is simple: Have conversations with decision makers at Higher Education institutions. These conversations are quite frankly, the best part of my day. There is no agenda and no specific end game for these discussions. I have only one goal in mind: “I want to learn more about your school.”
These initial discussions play an intricate part in the Tribeca agency-client relationship. “Can we actually help you?” is the question that needs to be answered before we can even attempt to offer any of the various Marketing and Admissions solutions that we provide.
If we are to be successful as a potential Marketing partner for your institution, it is imperative that our relationship begin with professional transparency. To further ensure this honest and data-driven evaluation of our potential to assist an institution, we employ our 3-Step Process for Progress before we even attempt to offer a proposal for service.
Based on initial conversations, Tribeca evaluates our ability to support an institution’s Marketing needs with these three important steps:

  • Audit: Brand and Marketing review measured against industry and institutional standards
  • Assessment: Tribeca insights and observations of Admissions and Marketing effectiveness
  • Action: Execution of quick-wins and long-term strategies to facilitate improvement and growth

Many of you are doing a lot of things well when it comes to your current Marketing and Admissions strategies and practices. You may think that you could be doing better, but in some cases, the data will show that we cannot add much to your marketing mix that will generate more or better-quality inquiries. Based on our practical experience in Higher Education operations, we may be able to suggest other strategies that may assist in raising your brand profile or increasing your community outreach, but ultimately, we will only know how we can help by first finding out if we can help.
I invite you to contact me personally at rm@tribecamarketinggroup.com or 954-495-0932 to schedule a conversation about your school and your goals to see if Tribeca can provide the student-focused marketing solutions and opportunity for institutional growth that you are looking for.