Get to Know Hispanic Generation Z and What Marketing Strategies Work

Get to Know Hispanic Generation Z and What Marketing Strategies Work


Get to Know the Next Generation of Hispanics: How to Market to Generation Z and Younger Millennials


Hispanic Generation Z’s make up 35% of the entire Generation Z demographic. Instead of me telling you, I’ll show you how important Hispanic marketing will be in the years to come and how to best market to them.
In this graph, you can see how Hispanics are making up a larger portion of each generation. Overall, Hispanics are a large percentage of the population, so if you don’t know how to speak to them and relate to this generation, your marketing efforts will be in trouble.
Marketing to Hispanics: GenZ Makes up the largest Hispanic Cohort in US

What is the Age Range for Generation Z?

Most demographers vary on the exact range of birth years for Gen Z, but most bucket them between 1995 to 2010.  That means Gen Z is already enrolling into college and will be for the next 15 years, so you better get to know them fast!
Generation Z Largest Generation Living in US

Other Labels for Gen Z

Other labels for Gen Z include Net Gen, Plurals and iGen.  The Millennials are also known as Gen Y. And, for extra brownie points, the next generation after Generation Z is being called the Alpha Generation. I can’t image how that label will go to their heads 😉
Gen Z is a larger generational cohort than Baby Boomers and Millennials. According to the 2015 U.S. Census, those under 20 (Gen Z) represent 25.9% of the U.S. population or 83 million people. Making Gen Z the largest generation, surpassing Millennials (22%) and Baby Boomers (23.6%).
“We are only now starting to understand this newest generation of consumers. If we drill down to Hispanic Gen Z, the research is virtually nonexistent beyond top-line data regarding their ethnic makeup and nativity. However, we can parse the research on Gen Z and begin to think about how it aligns with what we know about Hispanics, particularly their parents and closest generational cohorts – Hispanic Millennials,” according to Jose Villa, Hispanic Marketing expert and guest contributor for MediaPost.
Jose continues to summarize cultural traits that align with what we know about Hispanic’s psychographic and behavioral characteristics.

Hispanics overall, are:

•    Cautious, price and value conscious, and avoid debt
•    Entrepreneurial and eager to start working
•    Optimistic about the future
•    Prefer home-cooked meals
•    Are DIYers and crowdsourcers (Hispanics among their family and social network, Gen Z are enabled by technology)

He continues to say that Gen Z’s characteristics can clash with Hispanic behavioral characteristics.

Gen Z characteristics include:

•    Can work independently and may even prefer it
•    Over-connected to the point where it impairs their real-life communication skills
•    Need for instant gratification
This can all lead to a larger disconnect between generations living in the same home.

How to Advertise to this Generation

Gen Z’s cohort does not mind advertising, as long as it’s personalized to them. Is your website mobile friendly? Do you have an app that is user-friendly? Here are some facts to understand why these areas are so important in your marketing approach.
It is our job as Marketers to tell stories, entertain, persuade and connect on a personal, emotional and rational level with Hispanic Gen Z’s across multiple platforms and formats.  That’s a lot of pressure! Now the question becomes how to do all that? If you’re unsure, contact Tribeca Marketing Group for a customized quote on how to effectively market to this generation.  And, keep reading, as this article is full of insights to get you started.

Here are some eye-opening facts about Hispanic Generation Z and Younger Millennials:

•    66% more likely to connect via mobile than non-Hispanic Millennials
•    2x as likely to own a tablet
•    70% more likely than white non-Hispanics to feel that apps are crucial to their mobile experience
•    96% of Hispanic Millennials own smartphones

Social media, social media, social mediaGeneration Z Social Media

Nearly 75% of Hispanics Millennials and Generation Z are actively using social media. Where surfing the internet is no longer a pastime, but a necessity. The average Millennial spends about 17.5 hours on social media a day. That’s a lot of time!
96% of Hispanic Millennials own smartphones and they spend a majority of that time on social media. Most young Hispanics split their time between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
To make sure you’re driving the best brand strategy, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to this unique group. Like most Gen Z and younger Millennials, Latino Americans do spend much of their time on social media.
There are just so many social networks it’s imperative to figure out which ones to focus your energy on. When it comes to this newest generation, you may want to consider how to best use Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to get their attention. While many young people still use Facebook, it does seem like it’s losing favor among this generation.

The Majority of Hispanic Gen Z and Younger Millennials are US Native Born

It’s important to recognize, that 58 percent of Hispanic Millennials are natural born citizens. Among this population, in a week, 73 percent watched English-only television; whereas only 4 percent watched Spanish-only television.
Majority of Hipanic Gen Z were born in US
The majority of this generation is US born. When surfing the web, this generation is more likely to visit an English-language site than a Spanish language site; it’s a ratio of 38 percent to 25 percent.
Latinos feel more strongly connected with their family and community. They find meaning and values within their homes. Hispanic Gen Z’s have the highest portion of Millennials parents, and a large portion of their parents were born outside of the US.

Should your marketing connect with their parents? And, how?

Hispanic Gen Z Parents are Foreign Born

How to Market Hispanic Millennials

Now that we know this demographic a bit better, it’s important to use this information in order to create a brand strategy that best resonates with them.
Hispanic Gen Z has a strong connection with their heritage. It’s important to cater to both their English-language speaking, and their Spanish-speaking background, but you probably don’t need a full-Spanish version of your website.
Hispanic Gen Z Prefer English to Spanish
Your marketing should speak to their heritage, utilizing both English and Spanish elements. This generation prefers visual content. Add some Spanish phrases or visual elements that will resonate to your marketing copy, videos, etc. It depends on your brand and goals, but you may want to include messages centered around family values.  In general, Generation Z will say their parent(s) is their best friend.  Hispanics are more likely to be raised in a one parent home, primarily by their mother.
Hispanic Gen Z Want to Preserve Cultural Roots
Since many Hispanic Millennials are on the web, it’s important that your website is easy-to-use and can easily be shareable. You want your visitors to share your content, and it needs to be worthy of sharing! That is so important.
Having your content shared is an excellent way to expand your reach and is more likely to be consumed if it comes from a friend they trust.
In our article, How To Find And Target The New Generation Z And Younger Millennials, Influencers are an important factor when it comes to marketing.  This generation can respond more positively to the things their friends post versus an advertising claim. These influencers can drive more traffic to your website and make your brand become more recognizable within their circle of influence. Consider this referrals on steroids.

How to Tailor Your Message to Their Characteristics

How can these stats below impact your messaging? Will it change some your social media strategy, visual imagery, TV commercials and/or messaging? Share in the comments.
Of all the demographics, Hispanics have less of a desire to create their own path in life.
Hispanic Gen Z have less of a desire to create their own path
Hispanic Gen Z have less of a desire to create their own path
Even though Hispanics are less likely to resonate with ‘become a leader’ messaging, based on survey results, they feel they are are more likely to become entrepreneurs more than other demographics. Becoming an entrepreneur is the ultimate leadership position, so your message can be slightly tweaked to say, ‘be your own boss,’ ‘autonomy to make your own decisions,’ etc. This mixed message might also be the age-gap speaking, where kids from 12-18 might not know much about being leader or what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
Hispanic Gen Z Entrepreneurial Spirit
Jose Villa, from Sensis, put together this great slide deck with more of these slides. Be sure to check it out.
The future of marketing will be won or lost based on how you market to this generation!
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