MAC in Motion: The Benefit of Fresh Eyes By : Richard McCulloch

MAC in Motion: The Benefit of Fresh Eyes


“Sometimes it takes an outsider, someone with fresh eyes to see the truth.” 

Author, Ally Carter

One of the most important lessons that I ever learned about the benefit of “fresh eyes” was as a Campus President just before a regulatory visit. Our company CEO had travelled to our campus to offer support during the visit. As we toured the campus together and chatted, he stopped suddenly at our large copy machine which was situated in a corner of a break room. Never missing a beat in our conversation, he cocked his head to the side and rotated the copy machine and repositioned it. His adjustment opened up additional space that facilitated much easier access to the break room and opened up the space dramatically.
I remember stopping to look at the newly positioned copier; appreciating the logistical epiphany while being somewhat embarrassed that it took my visiting CEO to see the benefit that a simple repositioning would mean to the space efficiency of the break room. As he started to leave the room and continue the tour, he noticed the look of bewilderment on my face. He looked at me, smiled and as if he was reading my mind simply stated; “Fresh eyes.”
As I have worked with different campuses in delivering our Marketing and Admissions Coaching (MAC) services, the memory of that day in the break room has served as an operational lesson that I will never forget. In the midst of supervising and managing the myriad of responsibilities and requisite tasks that optimize campus outcomes, it is easy to overlook opportunities that can maximize efficiency and improve performance.
Even in the best run campuses, fresh eyes lend a new perspective to the processes of troubleshooting, establishing best practices and evaluating the institutional value propositions which drive brand growth and marketing strategies. The additional benefits of MAC services go beyond objective discovery and evaluation. With over two-decades of Higher Education administration experience and the resources of Tribeca Marketing Group – a full service Higher Education marketing agency – fresh perspectives are supported with proven solutions.
Where are your opportunities to benefit from the fresh eyes of MAC Services?

  • Establishing a Brand Identity for your institution?
  • Enhancing your marketing strategy with substantiated and resonating messaging?
  • Identifying and eliminating organizational silos to improve institutional collaboration and outcomes?
  • Improving team dynamics to maximize cooperative operational performance?
  • Leveraging strategic alliances and other resources to benefit student outcomes and institutional profile?

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