Highlights from The Sounding Board on News Radio WIOD By : Richard McCulloch

Highlights from The Sounding Board on News Radio WIOD

Richard McCulloch, VP of Client Services was featured on the WIOD Business program, The Sounding Board, hosted by Mark Conroy. Richard was invited to discuss Higher Education and the role Tribeca Marketing Group and the affiliated Rolon Group companies play in offering integrated Marketing and Admissions solutions. The segment aired at 3pm on Sunday, August 16th on 610 AM WIOD in South Florida.

The Sounding Board - Tribeca

Higher Ed expertise
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Richard: The Rolon Group consists of four entities. The very first entity that was created by Anthony was World Web Partners. World Web Partners was created in 2008 and is our digital marketing agency. They specialize in all kinds of digital marketing solutions for higher education. Like in any good business, you respond to the needs of your clients and initially some of clients that were being serviced by World Web Partners started to say, “Hey Anthony, do you do any traditional marketing?” And you know traditional marketing are your offline services such as television, print, radio, and Anthony thought about it and said, “You know what, why don’t we?” And that’s when Anthony created the full-service marketing agency called the Tribeca Marketing Group that was able to provide a more comprehensive offering of services for the traditional – as well as digital – side for higher education. A few years later, we realized there was a need also for some schools to scale their reach through call center solutions, so Anthony created RolCall, which is a call center solution specifically designed to supplement the reach of higher education entities. Then, the last group to join the team was Ynot? – our technology arm. We created a proprietary lead management and contact management system specifically designed to facilitate better organization and management from the admissions and marketing side for higher education. So when you put all these groups together that fall under the Rolon Group and all of these companies together – you really have quite a few services that can service the smallest school to the largest school groups in the country. And we’re really proud of what we do and I think the most important thing to point out is that the leadership of the Rolon Group and all of the entities are all from higher ed. We’re not just marketing people, we’re people who have actually worked in the sector – whether it be as administrators, school owners – Anthony and Wendy owned a school – so we’re not coming at it from a hypothetical basis – we’re coming at it from a practical basis and the conversations and the solutions that we can offer our clients are based on their realities.
Marketing that goes beyond student recruitment
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Interviewer: As a guy who talks about business, one of the things I love about your group and you know, talking to Anthony at that FAPSC conference, is the way that he runs his business. And what do I mean by that? Well, the way that he views it and looks at it is that the Rolon Group is who he is but he’s brought all of these little startups together to form Tribeca – it’s almost like a tribe of people who come together to formulate some great benefits for the for-profit education world. […]
Richard: […] At the end of the day, our clients are the real beneficiaries of our collective knowledge and expertise. We are able to perceive things, for example, a lot of marketing entities within the higher education sector they think marketing is about student recruitment. Because of the level of practical knowledge that we have in the higher education field, we are able to expand our offerings to help schools in a lot of different ways; for example, a call center can be used to of course recruit students… but what about your students who are about to enter delinquency in their financial aid? So therefore, you enlist our call center to try to reconnect with them and get them back in touch with the school so that you can help them avoid delinquency and eventually default. Are you using your higher ed marketing to promote social media that not only engages potential students but also highlights the impact you’re making in your local community by showing success stories of your students and the employers who use them. We’re able to take our platforms and go far beyond just student recruitment and really help the institution find themselves, find their brand and show their effectiveness within their mission.
Admissions Training
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Richard: One of the additional things that we started to do, especially in terms of higher education, is admissions training. We’re constantly listening to our clients, once again, and as a marketing agency you can supply opportunity for these organizations and institutions. If they are struggling to take those opportunities and convert them into actual students, the fact that we are from this sector puts us in a very unique situation to send some of our people there to help them take those opportunities we are creating on the marketing side and maximize the conversions by helping their admissions teams do more with those opportunities, in terms of inquiries. We’ve added that as one of the things we are now lending to interested clients. And you know, many of our clients have outstanding admissions teams but I always look at it like with my son – I can tell him something a million times and when his uncle tells him, all of the sudden he gets it, or when his coach tells him all of the sudden he gets it. So when we do admissions training we come in as a different voice – and I think what’s unique is that one of the things that I think admissions teams sometimes don’t understand is where these inquiries are coming from. How were they generated? What are the characteristics of the prospects? What are the characteristics of the people they’re dealing with? And one of the things we can assist with for our clients, in terms of processing these students, and being responsible because once again we’re very aware of regulatory issues, we’re very, very aware of compliance. So we always want to ensure that we’re true advocates for our clients in making sure that they’re doing everything the right way.