Account Manager



As our new SEO Specialist, Audrey reshapes the digital profiles of the clients to enhance their search rankings and gain more visibility online.
Audrey was born and raised in Paris. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Business & Management, she decided to gain experience and knowledge in product and brand management and add an international dimension to her career.
From Paris to New York to Tokyo she studied, worked and followed seminars that culturally enriched her. She built her professional background in international sales, product management and ecommerce development. Eventually she decided to specialize in digital marketing, with emphasis in web strategies and user experience.
When offered the opportunity to work as digital content marketing executive for a Sports Licensing company based in Miami, she packed her bags again and started her new life in Florida.
During the past years she has dedicated her professional and personal time developing a number of important skills in online and search marketing: from website analysis, keyword optimization, content idea generation, to search engine parameters, web research and analytical processing, she naturally became an SEO marketer and constantly re-evaluates and updates her skill sets to better serve clients’ interests.
Aside from following webinars, training videos and blogs to stay up to date and acquire knowledge about the latest changes in the online marketing field, she enjoys spending time perfecting her passion for baking, solving puzzles in escape rooms, playing guitar and cycling with her friends all around the city.