“No” … Is not an Option By : Laurie Sparta
Director of Client Services

“No” … Is not an Option


The role of Client Services is to provide services and solutions that help clients achieve their goals. Are you always able to provide a solution that your client wants? Can you always meet the expectations of your clients? Can you guarantee that you will achieve the goals and budgets?

Common sense and experience would dictate that the answer would be, “No”;  however, what if you were able to say YES all the time? Would your relationship change with your clients? Would their perception change of you?

As Director of Client Services for Tribeca Marketing Group, my mentality is “no, is never an option” when it comes to a request from a client. There is always a solution for our clients’ challenges, whether that be one we can provide internally or possibly utilize our network of relationships developed over the years.  This type of mentality creates trust with your client. Though you may not always be able to provide a service or solution in-house, you are creating an environment for them to succeed though there may not be a direct benefit to you. 

A pro-client mentality lends itself to transparency in problem solving, leading to the cultivation of additional and diverse solution options.  Once you assess the clients’ need and say YES to becoming a dedicated solution provider, you should clearly define what your troubleshooting plan entails. Be proactive by taking the lead and setting achievable expectations. A reactive mindset can lead to you being in a position to say “No” as a safe defense from a situation that you failed to proactively control.  

Anyone can say no. Are you willing to make the difference for your client and find a way to say “Yes” every time?

Best Practices:

  • Have Pre campaign dialogue to establish expectations
  • Document your plan of action so all parties agree on the expected outcomes
  • Be aware of the solution resources that you can employ – in and out of your network
  • Always have a Plan B of vendors and resources