Where Influential Marketing Is Going. A Wrap-Up of IzeaFest

Where Influential Marketing Is Going. A Wrap-Up of IzeaFest


Where Influential Marketing Is Going. A Wrap-Up of IzeaFest 

Izea Fest 2015 has come and gone. The fest was a 3-day event focusing on educating and connecting content creators with brands. The event was “influential marketing”. The shift in digital marketing has happened and I’m not sure it received the fanfare it deserves.
Content creators come in every shape and size from a mommy blogger posting about DYI crafts, to musicians to food bloggers sharing a picture of their latest creation. These are everyday people that share their passions through writing articles, creating images, and videos. If these Creators do it right, they can garner a large following and become “influential” in their sphere of influence.
78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing. Do you agree?
Kellogg the cereal company was a great example of a brand tapping into the power of influential. Kellogg and their Agency reached out to Rajiv Dhall, a Vine star with 1.9 million followers on Vine. They worked out a deal where he will sing about a Pop-Tart and share the video on his vine account. From there the 2.35 second video clip, I timed it myself, took off and was shared:

  • 762,448 loops (how many times people re-watched it)
  • 1,465 Revines (how many times it was shared)

Where Influential Marketing Is Going. A Wrap-Up of IzeaFest-2-2The Brand Manager at Kellogg said it was a successful event and this collaboration helped expand Pop-Tarts awareness within their intended demographic, millennials.
Each social media platform attracts a slightly different demographic. GenX and Millennials behave differently on social media. Some Content Creators might be huge on Instagram with millions of followers and just a few thousand fans on Facebook or vice versa.
Millennials are spending more time on Snapchat, Vine and Periscope. Have you even heard of these new social media networks? If you haven’t, then you’re probably not a Millennial. You can work with Content Creators who have a large influence in the social media network that you want to focus on.
GoPro Is giving away $5 million a year to content creators who produce amazing work. This is a great example of a company tapping into the power of their customer based and rewarding them for being creative using their products. Just think of the viral potential of this campaign. Each week a number of these winners will parade their work on their social media accounts. The amplification potential is huge.

Working with the Right Content Creators

It is important that you find the right influencer that aligns with your product or service. Partnering with the wrong type of Content Creator can damage your brand and the trust that influencer has created with their own audience.
The idea that a brand’s messaging and content comes from the efforts of brand’s internal marketing department or advertising agency is slipping. Think of celebrity endorsements on a micro-scale. These Content Creators can be considered somewhat celebrities with their own niche audience. These influentials have fostered a relationship with their audience over time. As the brand, you are leveraging this trust and relationship and transferring that trust over to your product or service. By partnering with these Content Creators you can grow your awareness and influence purchasing decisions.

How to Find Influencers?

You can always search for the people that are creating original content about your industry and reach out to them directly to work out some kind of arrangement. You will need to negotiate the contract, set up the parameters and guidelines for the Creator to follow. It’s also important for the Creator to understand what the boundaries and goals of the campaign are.
There are also companies that help connect brand with influencers and publishers such as Izea and TapInfluence
The shift has happened.
Are you ready for the next evolution in digital marketing?
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