Why Focus on Students?

Why Focus on Students?



Earlier this year, our agency redefined ourselves to better help our clients define themselves. At Tribeca, we have always approached our integrated marketing strategies by leveraging our practical Higher Education experience, but we knew that we could offer something more.


Our Executive Team is comprised of “school people”, and as former school owners and administrators we have walked in your shoes. We have submitted programs for review, analyzed retention performance, monitored student progress, and focused on graduate outcomes. Our agency self-study revealed that we were not just a marketing company focused on Higher Education, we are in fact a student-focused marketing company experienced in connecting the right student, to the right program in the right institution. With a more granular focus on who we are, we initiated a more granular focus on our target audience: Students.


Our Focus on Students project represents an important partnership with the Pacific Institute’s Education Initiative. This ongoing effort ensures that we never lose sight of the motivations and expectations of the students to whom we message on behalf of our client institutions. This project also is designed to serve as a resource for educators to better prepare curricula and provide requisite student support services that effectively meet the needs of their students and create campus cultures that foster improved student outcomes. This partnership allows Tribeca to not only facilitate effective Marketing and Admissions performance, but to also provide key resources that optimize retention and other student outcomes for our valued school partners.
We encourage education professionals to visit our Focus on Students website and participate in the sharing of their student and graduate stories. We also ask that you use the “Contact Us” page to share any questions or best practices concerning the student experience and related outcomes. When educators and affiliated providers galvanize to enhance all aspects of the student journey, we create more productive and viable Higher Education sectors for students across this nation.


Focus on Students is not just a project to us, it is a call to action for Tribeca. We are not here to pitch you. Instead, we are here to listen to you. Through the act of listening we can then apply our Triple A approach of Audit, Assessment and Action to propose a targeted strategy that meets your Marketing and Admissions needs.
You are here to educate and train students in their program of study. We are here to attract and help you enroll them. Our understanding of and respect for the student journey makes us the ideal partner for student-focused institutions.


We hope that you take the time to visit the Focus on Students website, and if you think that we may be able to offer your institution additional support, give us a call. Let’s talk “students”, and how to better attract, engage and service them. A conversation is the first step into the Age of Student-Focused Marketing.


You can contact me directly at 954-495-0932 or rm@tribecamarketinggroup.com.